Tuesday, May 15, 2007


5 Sept 2003

Well, my plane is already complete landing , it's means I have to be go down from the plane, I have felling confuse what I have to do, it's seem dream why because 11 hours ago I am still in Indonesia, then after that I had been in Kuwait, then suddenly my friend told me,"Lets go down", so I am stand up and take my baggage then going to the passenger line and go for immigration process, Oh my God, when in immigration section my heart beat was palpitation, I don't know why, so I take deep breath to reduce my heart beat, at that moment my heart beat was going down, so I went again to the immigration line.

When in immigration section I was showing my passport and copy visa, so he asked to me",Where is the original one?", Sorry sir, I have only copy," then He asked to me" Go to the corner to change you copy visa with the original", OK sir thank very much for your help. At that moment I went to the Immigration officer and asking about my original visa, but she replied that my visa is not available she advise to me to wait 30 minutes. Thirty minutes later I asking again about my visa but the result is same still not available, oh My God what will happen to me. I have been thought bad, I don't have any friend, I just new comer finally I just do pray to Allah SWT willing help to me.

I don't have any choice just waiting with little worry, lately I decide to ask to the clinic officer in airport, I thought they know about my problem then I tell to one of clinic officer, "Excuse me sir, could you help me please how to get my original visa because the immigration officer told me must be change with the original visa ", the Clinic officer let me to wait for a moment, then he try to calling some one, I think he know who man that he calling, and after few second, he told to me,"Wait for a while, the ministry representative will be come to you to give the original visa for you, his name is Mr. Ali"."Thank very much for your help Sir",.

I am felling happy getting well information from clinic officer and after 30 minutes coming one man with the grey hair coming to clinic and directly asking to me,"Are you Maruf?", Yes Sir, "Here your original visa, please bring to the immigration to take stamp and come back here, your friend out site was waiting for you. I have been carried out the order, then I come back to him, but he suppose to me to go first, may be he want to chat with his friend in Airport clinic and then I took permission from him to going first to meet my friend.

I was proceeded to the gate to going out from Airport when I arrived in the exit gate, my friend calling me" Come here he he giving greeting Mabruk (congratulation) to Kuwait. He bring me to his car and went to Reggae. I am little felling happy met with Indonesian in Kuwait, he serve me well, He is my agency representative who live in Kuwait and have been worked in kuwait 5 years ago his name is Mr Heri (thankful Mr. Heri)

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kuwait Oh Kuwait

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb
To all every body, I just want to share my experiences living in Kuwait. I,m an Indonesian man, who working as Nurse in Ministry Of Health Kuwait. I have tale and story when the first time drooped my life in Kuwait, so it made me worry felling , consfuse and many things mixed to be one, so it,s nice story, information , and so on to informed who anybody person like me travel or to be work in Kuwait, so you will not get any trouble in the first time and so on.

Every body, especially the Indonesian people, not commonly but we know who Indonesian are mostly can not speak English and arabic well because in Indonesia we are using Indonesia Language is the one of National Language and English is Only used in Education Formal that using passive English that teaching in the school and college so ,many educated Indonesian people also can not speak english well, I acknowledge , it is true condition, if they are not going to improve English through any English course and training certain they will not improve their English language capability , so for you who did not understanding English and Arabic well I suppose to be learn English and arabic language first even though little enough, so you will not get any difficulty problem when you are visiting to Kuwait.

We will continuing after duty......

Wassalamualaikum.Wr. Wb

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